Ezra and Bethany?

Could they be related? Could the book be trying to solve her murder? He wanted it to be about his family. When he first said that I thought it sounded totally out of left field. Like you were stalking 5 girls because you wanted to know about your family??? Really!!? Anyway, maybe he found it to be interesting his relative went missing the same night Alison did and wanted to know which one died…

Could be why he was looking for Alison. To see if it was her and not Bethany.
Could be another link between Eddie and Ezra. Perhaps from Ezra visiting her.

Idk. Crazy thought. Had to throw it out.

Bethany the Blond With The Heavy Air

So going based on what we know and what we can assume I think the blond girl Dr. Palmer tried to warn Toby about was Bethany. He told Toby to tell Marion to stay around from that blond girl, that the air around her is heavy.

Maybe Bethany was the fragile patient on the roof who witnessed Marion’s murder or murdered her. After all they did say she had violent tendencies. So the air around her could have been heavy. It is kind of like the expression, the tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife. So maybe people became nervous and tense around Bethany because she could hurt them.

Going back to what I posted a while back about Toby knowing Bethany. (Link to it below) After seeing that Bethany clearly knew Marion I would have no doubt that Toby would at least have some idea as to who she is. If not why? Or how? Maybe while at Radley she went under a different name. Perhaps even had a personality disorder and didn’t even really know who she was at times.

It could be. Dr. Palmer could have been one of the doctors working with her at the time and just knew she was dangerous. I would love for this to be true and for it not to be Alison.

I would actually like A’s motives to have very little to do with Alison. That what Alison had happening to her was a whole separate A. Aka Mona. And the A that stole the game is really more to do with what happened to Bethany. (More on that in a few)


This is fake you guys,

If you follow her on Twitter she never posted it.


Just me!

Just me!


Pretty Little Liars + 2014 Teen Choice Awards Nominations/Nominees

I am voting… Lol, pretending to be teen, I will forever be young though! Go PLL!

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canyoukeepa3ecret said: Love Love your latest theory. That makes soo much sense.

Thank you very much! :)

Bethany not a twin…

I don’t see how people can say Bethany can be a twin of the main girls. (Do some people not know what a twin is?) She is/was 3 years older than them. The cops said the body was identified as 17 year old Bethany Young. I would assume they meant she was 17 at the time of death. Right, because if someone dies at 14 you wouldn’t say they were 17. The girls were all 14 that summer. So Bethany is/was older than the girls. I know Toby is suppose to be older than the girls but I thought it was only like a year older. And if Bethany was 17 at the time of her death she wouldn’t be twins with CeCe or Melissa, Ian, Garrat, Ezra, Jason, Wren. She would be younger than them. So unless the cops are saying the age of what she would be, there is no way for her to be a twin of someone. ***NOTE: I am saying she IS NOT A TWIN!!! Of anyone!!!

She would be older than the liars and younger than Melissa and the rest of the older crowd. …to clarify.

Mrs. D. And Bethany

Maybe Bethany and Mrs. D had a good relationship. People are saying that Bethany was referring to her as a demon. Perhaps Alison is the demon.

Jessica could have been venting to Bethany about Alison. Jessica could have told Bethany how she wished Ali was more like her. And Bethany could have even seen the way Alison treated her mom. Jessica was on the board at Radley and could have liked Bethany like a daughter and even brought her home a couple times for visits.

The night Alison snuck out Mrs. D could have gotten a call from Radley saying that Bethany had escaped. Since Jessica knew Bethany hated Alison for mistreating her mom, Jessica told Ali to stay in. Since Jessica knew Bethany had dangerous and violent outburst she knew Ali was in serious trouble if Bethany got to her. Bethany could have even been one of the many people sending threatening messages to Ali before the A we know now.

Jessica sees Bethany come up behind Alison and tries to warn Ali. But it is too late. Because Mrs. D actually cared for Bethany she helps cover up what she did so she won’t get in trouble.

A witnesses the whole thing and later clocks Bethany and throws her in Alison’s grave.

27 years old and The TCA

Yeah, I totally voted and will continue to vote for the Teen Choice Awards.

I love PLL!


Alison’s scar and who was living under the Dilaurentis house theory

In 4.11 Emily asked Aria if she has had a chance to talk to Ezra yet. Aria says she hasn’t because she can’t move on with Jake if she talks to Ezra. Emily then tells Aria what has been happening with…

Toby knows Bethany

I think Toby’s house could have been blown up because he knows more than he thinks.

I think Toby knows the Bethany Young girl since he visited his mom at Radley. And if his mom was having a problem with her, it makes even more sense. Maybe Alison and/or CeCe knew her too. what if Bethany had a crush on Toby? So she would sneak out of Radley to go see him and ends up seeing him talking to Alison. She gets angry, follows Alison, hits her in the head with the rock. Then the girls see if happen while on drugs and kill the girl for hurting Ali. That is why ‘A’ is after them. Maybe A was related to the girl and wants to punish the girls and Alison for her death. Maybe Sydney was related to the girl.

Please let this be the only set of twins on PLL. That would be great.

Please let this be the only set of twins on PLL. That would be great.

Anonymous said: When did you start watching the show? Do you follow it regularly?

I actually started watching the day it premiered. I haven’t missed an episode since. I have re watched every episode many times. Starting season 3 my husband, best friend, and her boyfriend and of course me, get together and watch it every Tuesday. I started coming up with theories very earlier on too. It just took learning how to blog to get them out there… Lol. I am getting old (27), technology doesn’t come easy to me. Haha.

Anonymous said: What do you think will happen between Mona and Ali?

Well they both could used their asses kicked. Every time Mona talks I think to myself “why hasn’t anyone just slapped her in the face?” (Aside from Spencer charging her and trying to choke her) And Ali needs a good slap too. I am excited to see this show down. I honestly hope it goes on for a while and some words are exchanged. Maybe we can get some more answers out of them. But I think the battle between Ali and Mona are going to effect everyone. People will almost be forced to choose sides. And since each girl is crazy, it is scary the influence they have. I really think this is going to make and break relationships for the rest of the show. Thanks for asking… I could keep rAmbling but I better wrap it up.

Happy 4th of July!!

Happy 4th of July!!